Offline Data Management
Secure Data Storage
Survey data is stored locally on the users device until there is an active connection that they can use to upload it securely to our online server.
Universal Availability
Our methodology allows for surveys to be available on all platforms and devices, and regardless of whether or not there is an active internet connection.
Surveys Without Limits
The Surveys You Want
We do not lock you to predefined questions, giving you the tools to create the questions that matter most to your users, and give you the most valuable data.
The Tools You Need
Our custom survey and form system gives you the ability to create everything from a simple yes or no question, all the way up to a conditional question that utilizes other form data.
Design Your Flow
Our question flow creator allows you to utilize form data to decide when and where you want to ask a question, optimizing your surveys potential all within a simple interface.
Schedule for events and attendance
Event Attendance

With our integrated calendar system you are not limited to simple forms, but able to utilize surveys to create detailed and robust event attendance databases.

Attendance Data

It is as simple as creating events, and associating the calendar to your survey. Associated events will then be available for selection during the survey.

Limited Events

It will also be possible to create limited events, allowing attendance to be restricted to prevent over crowding and over booking. Limited events will require an internet connection.

Powerful Group Management
Management Tools
After registering your group you will be able to fully manage your users, surveys and forms. You will also have full access to any survey or question data, as well as to all heat maps from your group.
User Management
Users removed from your group will no longer be able to access surveys, or submit data. All data (sent or unsent) will be deleted from their device to protect your group, and to ensure security of the system.
Group Security
Our system is designed to be as secure as possible to protect your group and your data. We utilize SHA-512 hash encryption on all data so that it is impossible to view without your password.
Registration Process
Key Management

We utilize a key-based system to prevent unauthorized users from accessing your group. This works in conjunction with our systems security to protect your group and data.

User Moderation

Users without an authorized key will be assigned to a moderated group, where they will then need to be approved and placed into the appropriate group.

Easily Upgraded

If you ever run out of free keys, you can easily use our management tools to revoke older keys, or simply buy more keys to expand your maximum user seats.

Outreach Strategic Survey System

Outreach Survey System available on the following platforms.