Welcome to Outreach!

Welcome to Outreach offline survey application with online long term storage.

You can download the test app HERE.

Offline survey storage for survey takers.

  • All surveys are stored locally on the device taking the surveys until the user uploads the data.
  • This unique system allows you to take surveys with mobile devices such as phones, tablets, computers and more with no internet connection.
  • Once the device has a connection you’re able to upload the data to the online server which can then be viewed.

Storage and tracking of data.

  • Once a survey is complete and has been uploaded we have a complete set of data we can then work with.
  • On the choice of the user we can obtain GPS location data from the device during each survey, or we can take data submitted in forms on the survey it self to place location markers on a heat map.
  • The Data can then be seen and displayed using a variety of options. You can choose to show data pertaining only to one question, or multiple. This allows you to single out only the surveys you would like to see and have data displayed for.
  • The optional display works for both the heatmap as well as the question data.

Making of surveys.

  • Surveys are not predefined, they are something that you create as you please.
  • Our custom survey and form creator allows you to make simple yes and no questions as well as questions with conditionals such has form data and more.
  • We currently have a simple flow question creator that you make each question and then make the conditionals for each.

Use the app to take surveys for events and figure out attendance.

  • With our calendar system you’re not limited to simple forms, you’re able to make a database for attendance and more.
  • Create an event date and add the calendar to your survey.
  • Once the calendar is added survey takers are able to pick the date and times you have set.
  • We’re still adding features such as limited events. Create a calendar event that can only be selected so many times to prevent over crowding or over booking. (The limited events will require an internet connection.)

Group Controls

  • Once you’ve signed up to our system you will be given control of your group.
  • In your group you’ll be able to manage users, surveys, questions, forms and more.
  • You can see the heat maps of all surveys from your group.
  • This system protects your data from other groups using our system and your data is protected by a sha512 hash. This makes it impossible for people to access and view your data with out your password.
  • If you remove a user from your group they will no longer be able to see your surveys, take surveys or submit data. The data that is on their device will be wiped and no longer available to them. Please be sure that any surveys a user has collected that you need have been sent. This is to protect the system and your group from users that you needed to remove because of a security issue.

Sign Up System

  • You don’t need people signing up randomly to your group, we have created a sign up system for that allows groups to give out a key to each member for them to sign up with.
  • If a user does not sign up with a key they will be placed in a bulk group and will need to be assigned.
  • Once the number of keys you have is at zero, you will need to either remove a user or purchase more keys.


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